Saturday, July 26, 2014


Sorry for my long hiatus from  this blog but I was notified by my college that people were stealing my work and passing it off as their own.  WHY I have no idea! lol  Unless they're just to lazy to try it for themselves!  And why would you take on all that tuition debt just to get kicked out of school for plagiarizing someone else's work??

Anyway, I need to watermark the images I already have up but will have to do that later.  For now I am going to start uploading the pics from my newer classes and hopefully I can keep this up in the future.

Remember, I don't design with every class.  Classes like MATH and ENGLISH suck but I have to take them lol.  I just won't have artwork to upload for them.

Classes so far:
Grade  Class
A       ART100     Introduction to Design
A       G150          Introduction to Design Applications
A       FND1112   Fundamentals of Design
A       FND111     Color Theory in Print
A       FND110     Drawing
B       MTH099     Basic Math
A-     FND113     Perspective
B       MTH100     Elementary Math
A       ENG1010   Composition and Language
A-     G120          Life Drawing
A-     G121          Concept Development
B       G131          Typography
          G132          History of Design (current class)

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